About Institute IZRA

IZRA, Institute of historical research was founded in the year 2021 and conducts scientific-research work in the field of historiography and promotes history as knowledge. Its early beginnings date back to the year 2014, when the founders of the institute began a project "Zgodovina na dlani" (History at glance). On the website, which has the same name, with the help of modern communication channels and devices in one place we're opening a world of historiography to a wide range of people from different backgrounds and interests. In light of the needs of today's society and above else cause of universal lack of time we built a platform, which on one hand eases access to historical themes for history buffs and on the other allows the content creators their work reaches a wider range of audience.

In our Institution, we try to step outside the established frameworks of similar institutes and we are trying to connect with companies and different organizations, which work in the field of historiography and co-related interests. At the same time, we are slowly stepping into the field of tourism. We are trying to culturalize this economic branch and contribute to its evolution by linking it to the activities which work on the preservation and development of cultural heritage, art, and social-cultural content.

History is not just a thing of the past, it is rather a basis for understanding the present and with the right understanding gives hope for a better future.


full name: IZRA, Institute of historical research
short name: Institute IZRA
established: April 6th 2021
address: Ziherlova 39, 1000 Ljubljana
Registration number: 8846740000
ID for VAT: 86904604
director: dr. Aleš Šafarič
Bank account: SI56 6100 0002 5430 546

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